a ''touch tonic'' for today's ''touch hungry'' people

Aroma Dough is a multi-sensory soft pliable dough – made from a special formula of beeswax, grape seed oil and cocoa butter and then infused with a blend of different pure essential oils. 

Aroma Dough was created by a mum who wanted to deliver the therapeutic benefits of essential oils through touch as well as smell for her son who had been diagnosed with ADHD.  The dough proved so successful that it is now used in special needs schools, nurseries, mental health trusts and NHS hospitals.

We experience life through one or more of our senses: smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing.  However over the past 50 years, with the growth in television, computers, internet etc., we have become very sight orientated -  smell and touch have taken a back seat. 

According to recent research at Oxford University, touch is essential for our emotional well-being. Children, in particular, have become a “touch hungry” generation and are suffering as a result of this.  This emotional imbalance can manifest itself into behavioural problems.  The research also shows that the greatest pleasures in life are multi-sensory - so the multi-sensory experience of squidging could enhance the quality of a person’s life.

Essential oils can be used for lots of different conditions and are effective both psychologically and physically.

Squidging is great for all ages – though under 3’s should be supervised.

No artificial fragrances or chemical dyes are used. 

No animals have been used in the testing of Aroma Dough.

Aroma Dough passes the British Standards Institute safety criteria.


  • Alertness, mental focus and concentration
  • Use during counseling - adults and children
  • Visits to the dentist
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced immune system and recovery
  • Multi-sensory play
  • Osteoarthritis and hand injury
  • Self sooth and emotion regulation skills
  • Soothing stress and anxiety
  • Stroke sufferers
  • Travel sickness /jet lag / hangovers
  • Wheezes & sneezes/respiratory problems


Pots include: Stress Release; Quiet Play & Sweet Dreams;

Love & Roses; Tantric Touch; Snuffle Dough; Energiser; Motion Magic;

Recovery & Well-being: Fragrance of the Cape (£6.99 plus postage and packing).

We found the perfect fit when packaging the product  “Squeezeopen™” – we linked up with Mark Sheahan  who was named Innovator of the Year and used his highly acclaimed Squeezeopen™ pots.  Mark originally came up with the idea for the pot when his mother, who suffered from arthritis, was unable to open a tin of shoe polish.  So simply squeeze open the pot and squeeze the dough and improve the quality of your life. 

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